UNSA students testimonial: Karolina Swoboda, Univerzitet “Martin Luther” u Halle-Wittenbergu, Njemačka:

Sarajevo ljubavi moja –

this is not only the title of one of the most famous songs connected to Sarajevo, but also common feeling you get living in this city. There is barely someone who doesn’t immediately fall in love with Sarajevo’s beauty and it’s leisure vibes. 
Nevertheless my Sarajevo Erasmus experience was not always just affected by love and “everything is beautiful and easy” times.

The war issue is still so present living in this city and caught my heart. Also questions considering this in so many ways torn society were accompanying my stay from the beginning until the end. Moreover Sarajevo is one of the best places to live if you feel the urge to work on your patience – you will know what I mean 

I am leaving Sarajevo with a lot of mixed feelings. But more than everything I am happy and grateful I could experience all the beauty and grief and love and sadness of Bosna and Hercegovina and it’s people. Defiantly I wouldn’t want to miss it as part of my life!

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