Staff week

2nd International Staff Training Week University of Sarajevo

Služba za međunarodnu saradnju je započela organizaciju Druge sedmice obuke za domaće i inostrane partnere – nastavnike i saradnike čiji djelokrug rada ima karakter međunarodnih aktivnosti. Sedmica obuke je namijenjena odgovornim osobama za implementaciju međunarodne saradnje na visokoobrazovnoj instituciji. Tema ovogodišnje sedmice obuke je: Most internacionalizacije između Evropske unije i zemalja Zapadnog Balkana. Naš fokus će biti obostrana kreditna mobilnost studenata, nastavnika i saradnika, uočavanje i definisanje problema i rješenja, kao i ponuda “internacionalizacije-kod-kuće”. Ono što je zanimljivo jeste, dok inostrani partneri budu u jednodnevnoj posjeti Mostaru, taj dan ćemo posvetiti implementacije radionice sa lokalnim učesnicima sa Univerziteta u Sarajevu – prodekanima, koordinatorima, saradnicima, s ciljem predstavljanja rada Rektorata i (pod)organizacionih jedinica Univerziteta u Sarajevu kada je u pitanju međunarodna saradnja.

Druga sedmica obuke će se održati od 15. do 19. oktobra 2018. godine u Rektoratu Univerziteta u Sarajevu.

Program rada je dat ovdje.

Registraciju na 2ISTW možete obaviti na ovom linku.

Rok za registraciju je 05. oktobar 2018. godine za domaće učesnike sa Univerziteta u Sarajevu.

We are happy to say that our preparations for our 2nd International Staff Training Week are going full speed ahead in order to provide you best time in Sarajevo and our university. We want to thank to our Erasmus+ partners who have already registered and confirmed their arrival and we encourage the rest to do the registration, too. Application deadline is prolonged until October 10th, 2018. Registration can be done here. We encourage you to register on time so that you can plan your best travel and accommodation options.

As this is our first event of this kind, this time there will be no registration fee. However, participants will have to pay for travel, accommodation and the other dinners themselves (including trip to Mostar). Our Erasmus+ KA107 partners can apply for an Erasmus+/ International Credit Mobility Staff Training Grant for our University. The grant can be used to cover the costs of travel, accommodation and meals during their time in Sarajevo. We will provide administrative support for the needed documents and signatures.

2ISTW Agenda
We have provided you with the agenda of the staff week. The topic of the Staff week is “Internationalization bridge between European Union and Western Balkans”.

Travel to Sarajevo
For most of you, the common used way to travel to Sarajevo is by plane. Sarajevo Airport is located 12 km away from the City centre. It is connected with a bus line (Airport – Baščaršija/City centre). Transport service is available to all interested persons at the price of 5,00 KM (2,5 €) for a drive in one direction, and 8,00 KM (4 €) for a return ticket. The time table is given here. You also have an option to take a taxi which you will find at the exit gate of the Airport. The estimated price is 18,00-24,00 KM (9-12 €) depending on your destination.

Other option is the bus and/or train from other regional cities (Zagreb, Beograd, Split, Dubrovnik) with better flight connection.

Sarajevo offers wide range of Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts. For Hotels you can find here and for Bed and Breakfasts here. On this map you can see the position of the Rectorate so that you can plan your distance from the place you stay and the Rectorate.

9 Scholarship fair
As part of the Staff Week agenda we have included our Scholarship fair – an unique event offers an opportunity to raise awareness of internationalization and it is participated by institutions (government and non-government institutions, embassies and diplomatic consulates, civil society centers, local communities, culture centers, universities) who present and offer variety of education’s aid (scholarships, financial aid, credits, loans, etc) for the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, for the study opportunities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad. Participation at the Scholarship fair is also free of charge. Each institution will have their own stand for their promotional material. We encourage you to bring as many as you can of your promotional materials with you, as you will have a possibility to meet with thousands of visitors and share your stories and study offer.

We will keep in contact, and for any additional question, please do contact us.