I’m writing on behalf Al-Azhar university Gaza, Palestine in order to express our interest in collaborating with your organization in the Erasmus funding opportunities.

Al-Azhar University-Gaza (AUG) is a Palestinian, public, non-profit and independent higher education institution. It was established in 1991 in the Gaza City by a presidential decree issued and signed by the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat to be a non-conventional lighthouse in the course of higher education in Palestine.

AUG comprises educational centers which meet the needs of the Palestinian community and help its youth majoring in diverse and fruitful fields of post-graduate knowledge. The University has also established postgraduate study programs towards a Master’s degree in Pharmacy, Arts, Mediterranean Studies, Law, Education, Agriculture, Water Sciences and Environment, Statistics, Accounting, Business Administration, Economic, Political Sciences, Chemistry, Biology ,Mathematics and IT Computing and Information System as well as a PhD’s degree in Chemistry.

AUG will be very grateful to you if you can help in developing the cooperation between AUG and your organization. Please feel free to circulate this email among your organization departments and members.

In addition, I’d like to ask you kindly consider AUG as a potential partner for any projects you are planning to submit that includes Palestine as a partner country.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Best Regards,

Nesma Naseem
International projects coordinator

Nesma Naseem Al-Sallaq
Projects Manager @ IDCO
Founder & CEO of Kanaan
Co-Founder of Glazza
Mob: 00970 598 082 326
skype Name: nesma.naseem
Gaza, Palestine

Dear Mr., Muhibic
I hope this email finds you well.
Let me introduce myself, I am Dr. Nabil El Aila, Vice Rector International Relations at Al Aqsa University – Gaza – Palestine.
We would be very honored and pleased to be a partner with Universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina in a joint projects in (CBHE), (ICM) and Erasmus Mundus. Please to circulate our profile among the Universities in your country. Your co-operation is deeply appreciated.

Please find below the profile of Al Aqsa University.

Best regards
Dr. El Aila

Al-Aqsa University (AQU) is a public Palestinian academic institution in Gaza Strip, Palestine, established in 2000/2001. It is the largest university in Palestine, more than 26,580 students officially registered and distributed to the 10 faculties of the University which include 45 certified program and 550 faculty members are teaching at the university. AQU is a member of several international associations, and works closely with numerous universities around the world.
The university offers a variety of academic and professional programs ranging from professional courses and diplomas through the Continuing Education Center and graduate and postgraduate programs.
Al-Aqsa University has the honor to be the sole university in Gaza Strip which offers baccalaureate degree in Sport, Fine Arts and Physical education.
The fields we are looking for co-operation: Education, Physical sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Mathematics and statistics, Arts and Human Science, Business and administration, Social and behavioral sc., ICTs, Art, Sports, Journalism and information, Biological and related sciences.
The action(s) that we are interested in cooperating: International Credit Mobility – Student and staff exchange, Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees, Capacity Building in Higher Education, Jean Monnet.
AQU has many cooperation agreements signed with EU universities especially with Belgium, German, French and British universities. Currently AQU is a partner in two projects of Erasmus Plus: Transforming Assessment Practices in Large Enrollment First Year Education (TAP) and Boosting Innovation in Curricula Development of IT Programs in Palestine (BITPAL).

Web address of the University:
Dr. Nabil El Aila, PhD.
Assistant Prof. of Medical & Molecular Microbiology
Vice President for International Relations
Al – Aqsa University
Gaza – Palestine
Office: +972-8-2641616
Mobile: +972599482622
P.O Box 4051