Study programmes include topics such as Transport | Traffic

About the programme: This programme has designed to meet the continuous demands caused by increasing numbers of motor vehicles, the need to modernize railways, and the mechanization and automation of building processes and industrial materials transporting systems, as well new communication technologies. Degree programs provide a thorough study of basic subjects followed by concentration in transportation and communication engineering.

Offered programmes:

Teaching: Teaching methods include lectures, seminars and personal tutorials, practical sessions, group design, guest speakers. This is all arranged in correlation with lectures/ professors. You will also spend a significant amount of time in doing personal study.

Language: Lectures are given in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian. For exchange students it is possible to organize special consultations in English regarding their work, research, exams, paper work or mentorship. You have to check with the Faculty’s coordinator before applying for this institution.

Assessment: Assessment is by courseware, classroom tests and examinations. Group learning, teamwork, individual work and communication skills are assessed through design group studies and reports as well as presentations. Practical work is also a part of the examinations.

Degree and qualifications: The first cycle lasts 4 years of study (total of 240 ECTS) in order to obtain the degree of Bachelor. The second cycle lasts 1 years of study (total of 60 ECTS) and leads to a Master degree.The third cycle lasts 3 years of study (total of 180 ECTS) in order to obtain the degree of PhD.

Career options: Career options in communications are varied. Students may choose through academic courses and internships areas of specialization. The majors rang from planning, supply chain management, and logistics to marketing and engineering.

Faculty of Transport and Communication
Address: Zmaja od Bosne 8, 71000 Sarajevo
Web: http://www.fsk.unsa.ba

Contact person:
Prof. Dr. Samir Čaušević, Dean
Email: fakskom@bih.net.ba, info@fsk.unsa.ba

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